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This cute muggulu are becoming part of our culture. Every girl wakes up early in the afternoon cleans her courtyard and decorates them with lovely muggulu. The lawn is sprinkled with ‘kallapi’ and also white muggu powder or rice flour, many exquisite muggulu are attracted, to these home graces Goddess Lakshmi. With the dawn of Dhanur masam (month of Dhanur), every road is covered with beautifully adorned with vibrant muggulu. Each courtyard is loved with brilliant muggulu. These can also be referred to as kolam or rangoli.

Telugu Muggulu Designs

Telugu Muggulu Designs: Creating rangoli on the numerous events is the very best portion of any party. Various countries have the distinct pattern of rangoli and in Andhra Pradesh rangoli is popularly called Muggu. On various occasions, people really like to create rangoli in the primary doorway. Prior to making rangoli design girls wash the […]

Geethala Muggulu

Geethala Muggulu: This wide variety of muggu is just one of the favorite categories within our household, especially for festivals. All these kolam or muggu are attracted for auspicious events and Sankranti can be known as Pedha Pandaga at Telugu within my home city, Vizianagaram close Vishakapattinam. These are traces rangoli designs are extremely popular […]

Muthyala Muggulu Rangoli Designs Images

Muthyala Muggulu Rangoli Designs Images: One such an amazing manner is thru vibrant Rangolis. So what is rangoli? Well, it has miles per brightly colored design created using colored rice powder and from time to time supplemented through blossom petals along with other colorful substances. Rangoli retains a fantastic significance from the Indian lifestyle. Just […]

Dhanurmasam Muggulu

Dhanurmasam Muggulu: The very first design above is a conventional muggu for your own Dhanurmasa decoration. Throughout the period between December 15 and January 15, it’s a year for muggu with lovely and vibrant muggu adorning the entrances of several houses. As my mom lived in Vizianagaram, I am conscious of it and paradoxically learned […]