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Sankranthi Muggulu: Each month that the Sun moves from 1 zodiac constellation to the other and also the day when the Sun alters the constellation is named Sankranti. Makara Sankranti (generally falls on January 14), the Sun’s move into Capricorn (Makara) constellation is considered very significant, and since it’s the launch of a six-month period of this auspicious period of Sun’s northern route named Uttarayana Punya Kaalamu. Bhogi is the afternoon previous Sankranti and Kanumu is the day following Sankranti that will also be celebrated on precisely the exact same scale as Sankranthi.

The 1 month previous Makara Sankranti is referred to as Dhanurmaasam. With the debut of the Telugu Dhanurmaasam, the thresholds of each dwelling in Andhra Pradesh – cities and villages are all adorned with colored and white geometrical patterns of muggu. Throughout the total Dharnurmaasam women decorate the mungili or vaakili (the entry to the home ) with enormous muggulu (layouts with sand of lime rock or rice flour, turmeric and kumkuma) using Gobbemmalu (globes made from cow dung and adorned with flowers, turmeric and kumkuma( and incense) at the middle, also worship Gobbemma (Goddess) while dancing and singing around the muggu (style ).