Dhanurmasam Muggulu

Dhanurmasam Muggulu: The very first design above is a conventional muggu for your own Dhanurmasa decoration. Throughout the period between December 15 and January 15, it’s a year for muggu with lovely and vibrant muggu adorning the entrances of several houses. As my mom lived in Vizianagaram, I am conscious of it and paradoxically learned a great deal from her only by seeing her.

After drawing on the measures on four sides I’ve attached the likely lines in one stroke, we all need steady hands which include training to accomplish this. After all the further we practice the nearer we get to perfection. The remaining portion of the muggu is about freehand decorations such as spirals and much more lines and all these are based on our creativity. We ought to choose patterns which may blend nicely with the major layout.

Dhanurmasam Muggulu Images

Dhanurmasam Muggulu

Dhanurmasam Muggulu

dhanurmasam sankranthi muggulu designs

dhanurmasam simple muggulu

dhanurmasam muggulu with dots

dhanurmasam chukkala muggulu

dhanurmasam geethala muggulu

dhanurmasam special muggulu

dhanurmasam sankranthi muggulu

dhanurmasam ratham muggulu

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