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Geethala Muggulu

Geethala Muggulu: This wide variety of muggu is just one of the favorite categories within our household, especially for festivals. All these kolam or muggu are attracted for auspicious events and Sankranti can be known as Pedha Pandaga at Telugu within my home city, Vizianagaram close Vishakapattinam. These are traces rangoli designs are extremely popular […]

Dhanurmasam Muggulu

Dhanurmasam Muggulu: The very first design above is a conventional muggu for your own Dhanurmasa decoration. Throughout the period between December 15 and January 15, it’s a year for muggu with lovely and vibrant muggu adorning the entrances of several houses. As my mom lived in Vizianagaram, I am conscious of it and paradoxically learned […]

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